Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant21081 10 13 2020 

Regular School Committee minutes 9/24/2020 and 10/8/2020 

2019-2020 Curriculum and Instruction District Goals  

Monthly Financial Reporting Packet 10 22, 2020 

Letter to APS Families Re A & B In-Person Days, 10/21/2020

Revision of 2020-2021 School Calendar approved 10 8 2020

North Union Playground email K. Keefe-Perry 10/14/2020 

Traffic Supervisors Joe Marshall email 10/8/2020 

League of Women Voters, October 2020 

The District voluntary COVID-19 testing programing letter to parents 10/13/2020

MASC Delegate forms

Joe Connelly Recreation Director Park and Recreation School Playground use October 16, 2020

Kathleen Bodie School Calendar update 10 16 2020 

Town of Arlington Park and Recreation Commission School playground Use and hours October 16, 2020

COVID-19 Positive Test Results email Sunday October 18, 2020

MOA Cafeteria Workers AFSCME, Local 680 10 8 2020

MOA Traffic Supervisors, AFSCME, Local 680 10 8 2020 

Correspondence Received August-October 2020

Pamela Baldwin

Janine Duffy

Elissa Krakauer Jacobs

Julie DeSander

Lynn Chachkes

Tracy Van Dorpe

Hannah Blitzblau

Lisa hersey

Pamela Baldwin, Andrea Canty, Diane Garner, Amy Hoff, Melina Vanderpile

Janet Sparks

Sharon Lipton

Alex Lancaster

Andrea Canty, Amy Hoff, Pamela Baldwin 

Ian King 

Holly Rossi 

Catherine Slesnick 

Lisa Marshall 

Katia Shtyrkova 

Laura O'Brien 

Brett Lambert 

Tony Siddall 

Eve Manz 

Stephanie Larason 

Hilary Clay 

Brian O'Hagan

Emails from parents regarding School Calendar Update

April Kalix-Cattell and Joe Catell

Sara Viszmeg

Tracy Callahan 


Bailey Snyder

Joselyn Dennis

Rachel Bragin

Heather Breslau

Jennifer Bullock 

Tracy Van Dorpe

Melanie Riccobene Jarboe

Melissa Geddie


Christa Beranek 

Kamila Pomiecinska

Karin Moellering 

Maxie Schmidt

Ian King 

Katrina Vinck Baker 

Amy McCann Antczak 

Amy Hampe 

Emily Holler

Ellen Pfeiffer 

Grant Cook 

Heather Breslau 

Rachel Bragin 

Jason Moreau on safety of our remote schooling technology



TypeFile NameDescription
Minutes Facilities_Subcommittee_minutes_(10.15.20).docxFacilities Subcommittee minutes 10 15 2020
CorrespondenceSCHOOL_CALENDAR_EMAILS_10_2020.pdfSchool Calendar emails 10 2020
Reference Material REVISIONS_of_Arlington_Public_Schools_Calendar_for_2020-2021_FINALapproved_10_8_2020_4.pdfRevisions of Arlington Public School 2020-2021 calendar approved 10 8 2020
CorrespondenceParent_to_SC_emails_1022-830_2020.pdfParent to SC email 8 30 - 10 22 2020