Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrants   21107 11 10/2020, 21113 11/24/2020, 21130 12/8/2020 

Regular School Committee minutes 9/24/2020, 10/8/2020/ 10/22/2020

Proposal to retire Menotomy hunter image 

OMS Budget requests for FY 22 

Gibbs Budget requests for FY 22

AHS Budget requests for FY 22 

Motion for tonight KAA 

Updated Enrollment projections MM 12 10 2020

AEA Budget priorities for secondary FY 22 

Questions for Community Stakeholders Survey

Enrollment Counts by Grade Level 12/9/2020 KT

October 1, 2020 Enrollment SIMS report numbers

Michael Mason Contract 

Dr. Elizabeth Homan contract

Listening Session on AHS Semester 2 options, CIAA Dec 7, 2020

MJanger slide deck 

Summons McLaughlin vs DESE 

COVID Dashboard Brookline schools 

Dr. Bodie email 12/4/2020 COVID-19 cases

Dr. Bodie email Update COVID-19 Cases Over Thanksgiving Week 

Hybrid High School Pete Gast 

Melinda Mesmer Semester two email 

Dr. Bodie email COVID-19 Case at Gibbs 

Anti-Racism Working Group newsletter link from M. Janger 

M. Janger teacher feedback 

Janice Bakey Supt Hiring email 

M. Janger parent feedback 

October 1, 2020 Enrollment 

School Committee selects Dr. Elizabeth Homan as next Superintendent 


Eileen Hirsch in person learning feedback 11/18/2020

Geoff Freed AHS semester 2 feedback and survey concerns 11/27/2020

Betsy Cameron survey concerns 11/23/2020

Carrie Finison survey thoughts 11/23/2020

Caitlin Lauchlan letter to SC regarding AHS semester 2 11/24/2020

APS Families Positive COVID-19 case email 11/23/2020

Lisa Szturma email to speak at meeting 11/24/2020 

Lisa Robinson email to speak at meeting 11/24/2020 

Ann Skoczenski AHS 2 semester survey and plans email 11/24/2020

Newtons high schools link from KAA 11/24/2020 

Pamela Baldwin 11/24/2020 email regarding AHS plan 

June Rutkowski 11/24/2020 email AHS plans and survey would like parent forum 

Lisa Robinson email on AHS plans and survey on semester 2 11 24 2020

Liz F comments for 11/24/2020 meetings and survey concerns 

June Rutkowski AHS plans and survey 11/24/2020 

Jennifer Weintraub AHS plans choices 11/29/2020 

Ian Goodsell email on AHS models 11/29/2020

Family Fall survey sent out 11/16/2020 

FY 2020 End of Year Report MMason

Sharon Racial Equity Alliance email to School Committee 

Mikel Satcher Concerns about the interview process 11/16/2020

Marty Rodgers email regarding a teacher's view of Liz Homan 11/15/2020

Kate Cubeta email support of Supt Greer 11/16/2020 

Office of the School Committee notice 11/25/2020 selected Dr. Homan 

Janna Stephan Moreau supt selection process 11/29/2020 

CPA Funding

FY 2022 Preliminary Application Jason Russell House 

Additional correspondence 

Steve and Maura AHS presentation and survey 11/23/2020 

Carrie Finison AHS Survey thoughts 11/23/2020

Arlington Public Schools Visual Art Department examples

LABBB at Minuteman email 

Budget Calendar 2020-2021

Jason Russell CPA 

Sad news on the death of APS alumni Chief Warrant Officer 2 Marwan Ghabour, An AHS graduate in a helicopter crash in egypt Marwan Chat

League of Women Voters November/December 2020 Newsletter 

COVID-19 Cases and Town of Arlington Testing Pilot  Dec 8, 2020

Letter to Athletic Director asking for fee structure for hockey payment. 12/4/2020

AEA FY22 Budget priorities secondary J. Keys and J. Fernandes

MLK letter to School Committee members - Supt search 

Vaccine presentation Gov. Baker 12092020

Matthew Cincotta letter to School Committee 

Ann Skoczenski Letter to SC 12 9 2020 

Superintendent's Diversity Advisory Committee letter 12 10 2020 

Lianna Bessette letter to School Committee 

Justin Bourassa letter to School Committee

Janna Stephan Moreau email

Jennifer Weintraub email

Spencer Harlow/ Patty Miranda Harlow email

Elizabeth and Ian Goodsell email

Scott Stelter email AHS 

Mikel Satcher, letter # 2 12 10 2020


TypeFile NameDescription
Correspondenceemails___1_of__3.pdfemails 1 of 3 11/12 12/8/2020
Correspondenceemails_2__of_3.pdfemails 2 of 3 11/12 12/8/2020
Correspondenceemails_2__of_3.pdfemails 3 of 3 11/12 12/8/2020
CorrespondenceLWV_newsletter.pdfLeague of Women's Voters newsletter Nov/Dec
Correspondencevisual_art.pdfVisual Art
CorrespondenceMLK.Draft_Letter_to_School_Committee.12.03.20.K.pdfKC MLK letter to SC regarding new Supt
CorrespondenceVaccine_Presentation.12.9.FINAL_.pdfVaccine Presentation Gov Baker
CorrespondenceMatthew_Cincotta_-_School_Committee_Testimonial.pdfMathew Cincotta letter to School Committee
CorrespondenceL_Bessette_email.pdfL Bessette email
CorrespondenceJustin_Bourassa_12_10_2020__Note_to_School_Committee_re__Semester_2_Thoughts.pdfJustin Bourassa email
CorrespondenceSuperintendent_s_Diversity_Advisory_Committee_letter_support_MLK.pdfSupt Diversity email
CorrespondenceAnn_Skoczenski_email_-_AHS_Semester2___12_9_2020.pdfAnn Skoczenski email
Enrollment/Class SizesDecember_1_2020.pdfEnrollment December 1,2 2020
CorrespondenceJanna_Moreau__-_Superintendent_selection_process.pdfjanna Stephan Moreau email
CorrespondenceElizabeth_and_Ian_Goodsell.pdfElizabeth and Ian Goodsell
CorrespondenceJennifer_Weintraub__-_High_school_Semester_2_choices.pdfJennifer Weintraub
CorrespondenceSpencer_Harlow_and_Patty_Miranda__To_forward_to_all_school_committee_members__please.pdfSpencer Harlow and Patty Miranda H
CorrespondenceMikel_E._Satcher_-_My_Concern_about_Racial_Bias_in_the_Arlington_MA_Superintendent_Interview_Process.pdfMikel E. Satcher email
CorrespondenceScott_Stelter_AHS_English_Teacher.pdfScott Stelter AHS English Teacher
CorrespondenceMegan_Miller__Statement_for_the_school_committee.pdfMegan Miller statement to school committee
CorrespondenceJoy_and_Doug_Danison__-_In_regards_to_proposed_hybrid_models_for_AHS_second_semester.pdfJoy and Doug Danison email