Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

School Committee minutes, Nov. 19, Nov. 20, Nov. 24,2020

APS Elem Budget Requests FY 22 

Chat dates 

job description Dir of Math

job description of Budget analyst

Evaluation of Dr. Bodie 

CPA letter December 11, 2020 

MLK, Jr. request for donation to SC

David Conneely message to School Committee, Science Teacher

Megan Miller statement for the School Committee, English Teacher

Joy and Doug Danison support of the Dept shift model

Mette Aamodt Email 

Brendan O'Day support of Dr. Elizabeth Homan 12/10/20 

Philip Blumenau support current model at AHS 

Paula Jordan conser on supt hire process

Kate Cubata email on signs for Dr. Greer

Gabe Tenninbaum Ms. Thompson COVID-19 

Bill Hayner motion 12/10/2020

Kirsi Allision-Ampe motion 12/10/2020

Jeff Thielman motions 12/10/2020 

TypeFile NameDescription
Correspondencegroup_emails_scanned.pdfemails received 1210-1217 2020