Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant 1/19/2020, 21155

School Committee Minutes: January 14, 2021

Panorama survey presentation  

School Calendar for 2021-2022 first read and vote for first day 

Budget calendar 2020-2021 updated 1/28/2021

Budget subcommittee minutes 12/30/2020 1/6/2021 

District Goals 2020-2021  

Monthly Financial Report 1 28 2021

League of Women Voters of Arlington January 2021 newsletter

Letters to State level to move forward with vaccinations for Teachers.

Covid10- Cases week of January 11

Hybrid Program Additional Specialist Class 1/22/2021

Asynchronous email from Lucy Pachter

EDCO notice for joint meeting February 1, 2021

Email regarding first day of school llana Blatt Eisengart

Anna Magracheva email to speak about planning for the fall semester

Mette Aamodt email to speak




TypeFile NameDescription
Correspondencevaccine_timeline.docxVaccine timeline
Minutes Budget_Subcommittee_Minutes_2020-12-30_approved.pdfBudget minutes 12 30 2020
Minutes Budget_Subcommittee_Minutes_2021-01-06_approved.pdfBudget minutes 1 6 2021