Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant 21191, dated March 2, 2021, Amount $473,582.84

School Committee Minutes February 11, and February 25, 2021

Middlesex League Superintendents joint letter announcement for full return

Stefanie Carlson email regarding school reopening 3/4/2021

EDCO letter and financial reports same as 2/11/2021 and updated doc 3/5/21

League of Women Voters newsletter March 2021

OMS Zoom Bomb update from B. Meringer 

Resolution MCAS and High Stakes testing

School committee Chat Minutes February 20, 27, 2021

General Laws Section 1 B Board of Elem and Secondary Ed duties

OMS Discipline 2018-2019, 2019-2021 school years

Letter to APS parents from Dr. Kathleen Bodie In-person 5 days on April 5

AHS Project Communications Update 3/8/2021

Pool Testing Results of March 1, 2021 

On the Desktop 3 9 21 email from DESE Guidance on In-Person Learning Requirements 

Gibbs School Discipline Report March 11, 2021 

Emilia Mae Leary 4th Grader Dallin School

Janna Stephan Moreau email support a resolution to cancel the MCAS 

Katelyn Riley to reconsider a component of APS quarantine protocol.

Todd Hutchinson email to support full-time in-person and to help 3/6/21

Emily Holler Arlington Families support the full, in-person option 3/10/21 

Charlies Toulmin comment on AHS heterogeneous 3/5/21. 

Jessica Chloros email on questions on deep cleaning, lunches, end time 

Kathleen Bodie, Ed.D. Re: Plan To Return K-8 To FUll-Time, In-Person Instruction 3/11/2021

Danika Hodges email 3/11/2021

Plan to Return to K-8 3 11 2021

Remote Academy K-5 

Hybrid Program enrollment Cohort, A and B totals by section 3 12 2021 

SC Presentation on April Opening

Elementary Opening

Gibbs Opening

OMS Opening

AHS Opening 

HD to cancel admin of MCAS 

EDCO Motion 


TypeFile NameDescription
Correspondencelwv.pdfLeague of Women's Voters newsletter March 2021