Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

8:55 p.m. Consent Agenda

Approval of Warrant:  Warrant# 19210, Dated 4/25/2019, Total Warrant Amount $481,748.89

Approval of Minutes:  Regular & Organizational School Committee Minutes, 4/11/2019 and 4/25/2019 minutes 

Approval of Trip: San Juan, Puerto Rico July 13-20, 2019, Service Learning, Cultural Exchange, Sports Mentoring Trip for AHS students.

Approval of AHS Computer team trip to Wayne, NJ May 24-May 26, 2019.

TypeFile NameDescription
Warrant WARRANT_42519.pdfWarrant 4252019
Document for Approval04112019_SCM_for_App.docx04 11 2019 SCM For approval
Document for Approval04_11_2019_School_Committee_Organizational_Meeting.docx04 11 2019 SCM Oganizational for approval
Minutes 04_25_2019_SCM_Regular_draft_minutes_ps.docxSC 4 25 2019 draft minutes for papproval
Trip ApprovalAHS_SAN_JAUN_PUERTO_RICO.pdfAHS San Juan Puerto Rico Trip July 2019 Service
Trip ApprovalWayne_NJ_AHS_Computer_team_trip_May_2019.pdfWayne NJ AHS Computer Trip May 2019