Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant  dated 11/19/2019 and 11/26/2019

School Committee Regular Minutes November 14, 2019 w eval

Out of State Travel Application, NYC, OMS May 16, 2020

AEA 2020-21 District Secondary Budget Requests

Policy BEA Regular School Committee Meetings second reading

ACMI Annual Report 2019

EDCO FY 19 Audit Report email 

MLK notice

Class Enrollment December 1, 2019

Superintendent's Goals 2019-2020 (3) documents

APS School Calendar for start date 2020-2021 Version EE first read

Policy:  BEDB Agenda Format Preparation and Dissemination, first read

BE School Committee Meetings policy first read

KF-E Fee Structure for Rental of School Building Space first read

P&P minutes November 25, 2019

Jason Russell House request letter of support of CPA application

OMS email 

AHS, OMS and Gibbs Budget Requests for FY 2020-2021

AHS and OMS Suspension Data Report 

Elizabeth Warren calendar for SC members

Brackett School Art work

Student Opportunity Act Plan 


TypeFile NameDescription
Enrollment/Class SizesDec_1_2019_class_list.pdfDec1 2019 class list
CorrespondenceEDCO_notice.pdfEDCO notice