Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant 20114 dated 12/17/2019 

School Committee Regular Minutes 12/12/2019 

Pathways Academy documents 

Out of State - International Travel Application Nagaokakyo, Japan, July 2020

APS Elementary FY 21 Budget Needs Request

AEA 20-21 Menotomy/Elementary Budget Request

BE School Committee Meetings second Reading 

BEDB Agenda Format Prep and Dissemination edits for second reading 

KF-E Fee Structure for Rental of School Building Space, second Reading

Approval of Student start date and February and April vacation weeks on the  Arlington Public School Calendar 2020-2021

November 1 Professional Development Day Presentation 

TypeFile NameDescription
Enrollment/Class SizesNovember_1_2019_Classroom_enrollment.pdfNovember 1 2019 Classroom enrollment