Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant # 20254,  dated 4/14/2020 

Town of Arlington Legal Dept Supplement-Remote Meeting Checklist and Guidance 

Dr. Bodie's COVID-19 Updated emails 

DESE Emails April 24, 2020

School Committee minutes, Remote School Committee Minutes March 26,

School Choice policy 

Lynette M email 4 27 2020 

Barbara G email 

T O email 

Bill Hayner email question to AE

MOA Unit, A, C, AAA regarding Evaluation April 2020

google presentations on Remote Learning, Survey Results, Special Education 4302020



TypeFile NameDescription
CorrespondenceSupplement_re_Remote_Participation_During_Coronavirus_State_of_Emergency_-_Checklist_and_Script.pdf_(00022235xA050C)_(1).pdfSupplement re Remote Participation during Coronavirus State of Emergency
CorrespondenceRemote_Participation_Checklist_for_COVID-19_Emergency_(00022229xA050C).docxRemote Checklist
Reference Material Remote_Meeting_Script_(00022231xA050C).docxRemote script
Correspondencecovid_ed.pdfbgoodman Washington Post article