Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant dated, May 5, 2020

School Committee minutes, March 12, 2020, April 9, 2020 and April 30,2020

IDA Robbins Award description 

IDA Robbins Awards letters to two AHS seniors May 2020

AEA Teacher Unit A, Clerical Unit C and AAA Administrators Evaluation MOA

AEA Athletic Stipends MOA 

Superintendent's Search Process minutes, RFP and Evaluation 

Remote Learning Email B. Hayner

N. Saunders Email regarding Remote Learning

ELL presentation and FAQ, Plans 

Social-emotional Learning and Counseling presentation 

Town of Arlington Legal Dept Supplement-Remote Meeting Checklist and Guidance



TypeFile NameDescription
CorrespondenceSupplement_re_Remote_Participation_During_Coronavirus_State_of_Emergency_-_Checklist_and_Script.pdf_(00022235xA050C)_(1).pdfSupplement re Remote Participation during Coronavirus State of Emergency
CorrespondenceRemote_Participation_Checklist_for_COVID-19_Emergency_(00022229xA050C).docxRemote Checklist
Reference Material Remote_Meeting_Script_(00022231xA050C).docxRemote script