Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

Warrant  20319 dated July 14, 2020

School Committee Regular June 25 and July 9, 2020 minutes 

Traffic Supervisors MOA 

AEA MGL ch. 150 E Request for Information and Demand to Bargain 

Update on Timeline for Reopening Plan and Building Safety Actions July 18, 2020

Letter to Parents and Guardians, District and Facilities  Dept. July 18, 2020

Ching-King Chieng Ph.D letter reagarding Community Service June 23, 2020.

Vanessa Steck email July 19 2020

Catherine Oranchak Rall 2020 reopening email July 18, 2020

Sharie McNeill July 2020 

Superintendent Search survey and this weeks focus groups



Town of Arlington Legal Dept Supplement-Remote Meeting Checklist and Guidance



TypeFile NameDescription
CorrespondenceSupplement_re_Remote_Participation_During_Coronavirus_State_of_Emergency_-_Checklist_and_Script.pdf_(00022235xA050C)_(1).pdfSupplement re Remote Participation during Coronavirus State of Emergency
CorrespondenceRemote_Participation_Checklist_for_COVID-19_Emergency_(00022229xA050C).docxRemote Checklist
Reference Material Remote_Meeting_Script_(00022231xA050C).docxRemote script