Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

AEA COVID-19 Reopening Statement J. Keyes 7 30 2020

COVID-19 Facilities Report, July 30, 2020

Draft Elem, Gibbs, OMS, and AHS Reopening plans from 7/23/2020

Enrollment Projections 

Leonard Kardon:  More guidance from DESE yesterday:  Remote Learning Citizens and School Committee Talk, B. Hayner 

Advocating for a largely Remote Fall reentry Jul 25, 2020 M. Donald

Concern regarding Fully remote option preparation G. K. Eisner

Reopening Schools in Fall email J. Suchman K. Alson 

Questions regarding Health and Safety inspections, anonymous

Concern Regarding Fully Remote Option Preparation

Wants discussion that shows children are much more efficient spreaders of COVID. anonymous

J. Bouhey questions on draft Fall plan

H. Davis questions on draft Fall Plan

Kids can die and have lifelong health issues from covid S. McNeill 7 25 2020.

Remote Learning Option Support 7 24 2020 J. Sosnoff

On the desktop July 27, 2020 DESE, Additional Staff Training Days This Fall, MOU between MDESE, MTA and BTU signed July 27, 2020.

Black Lives Matter Banner Vandalism at AHS July 23, 2020 

High school students support event Sunday, July 26, 2020, 6:00 p.m.

Covid testing question

email letter from Arlington parents regarding remote learning planning July 28 2020 K. Baskin

J.Morgan response 

Question/comment for 7/30 via remote meeting and remote learning. K. Harrington. 

K. Moellering Questions on School reopening plan 7 28 2020

K. School Committee questions for July 30

H. Rossi, advocating for heightened communication/guidelines July 27

J. Connerney, email question on additional funding resources to advance all students education this fall.

D. Cook email on reopening plan July 29, 2020

T. Myers email to SC and Superintendent on back to school concerns

J. Anderson comments on remote learning plans

A.Jones email questions regarding plans to reopen in fall.

R. Katzman email regarding reopening plan, child care 7 30 2020

C. Schneyer regarding reopening plan remote 7 30 2020

I. Gillis regarding banner

E. Cronin email reopening 7 302020

K. Sexton thoughts on reopening 7 30 2020

I. Roth return to school questions 7 30 2020

T. Prior Testing positive questions 7 30 2020

L Gitelson survey questions on returning to school 7 30 2020

E.Shmerling, K, Remote learning option 7 30 2020

S. Sawhney, concerns with reopening, after school concerns 7 30 2020

E Rocco comment concerns about reopening, 7 30 2020

M Donald Health and Nursing Protocols for communication about COVID

Angela Christiana Mara Vatz Alham Saadat email reopening 7 30 2020

Kirsi Allison-Ampe Harvard Public Health Guidelines for opening schools etc documents 7 30 2020

Len Kardon DLS Alert: Baseline FY21 UGGA and Chapter 70 Information 7 30 2020

Town of Arlington Legal Dept Supplement-Remote Meeting Checklist and Guidance



TypeFile NameDescription
CorrespondenceOn_the_Desktop_7_27_20_Additional_Staff_Training_Days_this_Fall_(1).pdfOn the Desktop 7 27 2020 DESE additional staff training days this fall
ContractMOU_between_DESE.MTA._AFT.BT.7.27.20_(1).pdfMOU between DESE, MTA, BTU 7 27 2020
ReportArlington_Public_Schools_Projected_Enrollment_2020-2021_-_Enrollment_Numbers_-_July_27__2020.pdfAPS Enrollment Projections July 27, 2020