Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Correspondence Received:

AEA MOA updated 9 23 2020

Warrant # 21048 dated 9152020 Amount $883081.74

School Committee Regular Minutes 9/10/2020

Second read on the following: 

Policy KDAB Temporary Signs and Banners

Policy BEDH & BEDH-E Public Comment at School Committee Meetings

Policy ACAB Harassment 

Status of 2020-2021 School Dept Budget from Finance Committee D. Carman, Vice Chair September 19, 2020

Revision to APS School Calendar 2020-2021 9 21 2020 

TASA The Arlington SPED alliance last minute changes, to School Committee and admin dated September 21, 2020.

APS Peirce Elementary to Reopen Using Fully Remote Press Release September 20, 2020

Executive Director Dr. Nadine G. Ekstrom letter dated September 4, 2020

Arlington Public Schools Food Service Program - USDA extended a waiver allow free breakfast and lunch to all students, dated September 14, 2020

Revision of APS School Calendar 9 21 2020 

Steering Committee SOI list 9 21 2020

Superintendent Search Process 9 21 2020 minutes 

Director of Health on COVID Health Metrics Transitions

Debra Wood Letter regarding crisis of inclusion support at Bishop

Petkov Krasimira Peirce IEP student last minute classroom assignment

Janna Stephan Moreau Equity and SEL concerns as APS open schools 

Letter to families in the Remote Academy 9 21 2020 

Danilo M archesini regarding hybrid concerns at Gibbs

TypeFile NameDescription
CorrespondenceArlington_MA_Public_Schools_Mail_-_Letter_to_Families_in_the_Remote_Academy.pdfLetter to Families in the Remote Academy 9 21 2020
CorrespondenceArlington_MA_Public_Schools_Mail_-_Crisis_of_inclusion_support_at_Bishop.pdfDeb Woods
CorrespondenceArlington_MA_Public_Schools_Mail_-_Last_minute_changes_to_SPED_student_schedules__teacher_assignments__education_experiences.pdfLetter re last minute changes Deb Savage
CorrespondenceArlington_MA_Public_Schools_Mail_-_Peirce_IEP_Student_LAST_MINUTE_Classroom_Assignment_Change_-_information_received_over_email_on_Sunday_09_20_at_8_05_a.m_.pdfIEP Student Last minute classroom P. Krasimira
CorrespondenceArlington_MA_Public_Schools_Mail_-_Equity_and_SEL_concerns_as_APS_opens_schools.pdfEquity and SEL concerns Janna Moreau
CorrespondenceArlington_MA_Public_Schools_Mail_-_Serious_complaint_about_implementation_of_Hybrid_model_at_Gibbs_Marchesini__Danilo.pdfletter from Danilo Marchesini Gibbs parent on concerns with hybrid
CorrespondenceAcacia_Matheson-_Statement_for_School_Committee.pdfAcacia Matheson statement
CorrespondenceMara_Vatz__-_question_for_public_comment_tonight.pdfMara Vatz, comment for tonight