Item Coversheet

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts

Docket # 3719: 1025 Massachusetts Avenue

The Zoning Board of Appeals hereby gives notice that it will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday,

October 18, 2022, beginning at 7:30 P.M. Said hearing will be conducted remotely via "Zoom" to

consider the application of 1025 Mass Ave, LLC for the approval of a Comprehensive Permit under

M.G.L. Chapter 408, Sections 20-23 and the  regulations  promulgated  thereunder,  760  CMR  56.00 

et seq, for  the construction of a structure located at 1021 -  1025 Mass Ave Arlington Ma.  Such

property is identified as Assessor's Parcel ID. Nos. 055.0-0002-0020.0 055.00002-0019.


We strongly encourage public comment to be submitted in writing to the Board. We also note that

this hearing is only one in a series of hearings going forward with respect to this application.

The application, plans, request for waivers, and related submissions will be available on the Town

of Arlington website, Zoning Board of Appeals.


Please visit the Town of Arlington Zoning Board of Appeals website for "Zoom" invitation ID, and

additional material as it becomes available. This information we be posted 48 hours prior to the


TypeFile NameDescription
Memorandum20221013_GLAM_Analysis.pdfDPCD GLAM Analysis
Reference Material Waiver_Table.pdfWaiver Table