Town of Arlington
Board of Selectmen

Meeting Agenda

March 7, 2016
7:15 PM
Selectmen's Chambers, 2nd Floor, Town Hall

1.Friends of Arlington Council on Aging

Ken Greenly, President, Friends of  Arlington Council on Aging, Inc.

a)  Accomplishments for 2015

b)  For Approval:  7th Annual Friends of Arlington Council on Aging 'Running with Friends 5K' Race, Sunday,  9/11/2016

2.Minutes of Meetings: February 10, 2016
3.Request: Patriots' Day Committee Events 4/17/16

Event Permits Requested for 4/17/16:

a) 52nd Annual Patriots' Day Fun Run at 8:45 a.m. along Mass. Ave.

b) Menotomy Reenactment at 12/Noon at the Jason Russell House

c) Patriots' Day Parade at 2:00 p.m.

4.Request: One Day All Alcohol License, 3/19/16, Lesley Ellis School Auction for Financial Assistance @ 34 Winter Street
Jeanette Keller, Auxiliary Program Director
5.Request: One Day Beer & Wine License, 3/25/16 @ Robbins Memorial Town Hall Auditorium for a private party
Dhruba Ghimire
6.Request: One Day Beer & Wine License, 4/8/16 @ Robbins Memorial Town Hall Auditorium for Dallin School Spring Auction
Jen Hayes, Dallin School PTO Fundraising Committee 
7.Request: One Day All Alcohol License, 5/14/16 @ Fidelity House, 25 Medford Street for Annual Fundraiser

Ed Woods, Executive Director, Fidelity House

Frank Tessitore, President, Friends of Fidelity House

8.Request: Contractor/Drainlayer License
Burgess & Sons, 24 Hollis Road, Lynn, MA
9.Request: Contractor/Drainlayer License
M.T. Mayo Corporation, 27 Bear Hill Road, Stoneham, MA
10.Appointments of New Election Workers: (1) Cheryl Behan, 161 Wachusett Avenue, U, Pct. 19; (2) Frances Cantelli, 67 Stowecroft Road, U, Pct. 19; (3) Elizabeth Crosby, 97 Egerton Road, D, Pct. 4; (4) Rose Eromin, 16 Cheswick Road, R, Pct. 6; (5) Karlyne Hutchings, 108 Melrose Street, U, Pct. 4; (6) Ashley Maher, 64 Maynard Street, D, Pct. 21; (7) Helene Martel, 7 Osborne Road, U, Pct. 4; (8) Jocelyn Moore, 58 Freemont Street, U, Pct. 16; (9) Sara Pinkman, 54 Medford Street, U, Pct. 10; (10) Mary E. Tierney, 4 Winslow Street, U, Pct. 10; (11) Kim Urquhart, 2 Court Street Place, U, Pct. 8; (12) Ann Walter, 10 Beverly Road, U, Pct.8
11.7:15 p.m. Blueberry Hill Lane

     a)  Request:  Repair to Private Way

     b)  Betterment Order

12.7:15 p.m. Pamela Drive

     a)  Request:  Repair to Private Way

     b)  Betterment Order

13.Open Space Committee

Kelsey Cowen

Gwendolyn Richter

(terms to expire 6/30/2019)


14.Arlington Cultural Council

Brigitte Buhler-Probst

(term to expire 2/28/2019)

15.Vote: License Cancellations - Common Victualler and Wine & Malt

202 Massachusetts Avenue d/b/a Commella's

Douglas Heim, Town Counsel

16.Request: Common Victualler License
Capri Pizza, 1323 Massachusetts Avenue, Miltos Athanasopoulos
17.Vote: Minuteman Building Project Assessment Task Force
Daniel J. Dunn, Selectman
Articles for Review:

Article 23:  Bylaw Amendment/Electronic Distribution of Notices and Materials

Article 29:  Removal of Easement Restriction

Article 60:  Resolution/Return of Precinct 17 to Highland Fire Station

Articles for Review:

Article 18:  Bylaw Amendment/Expanding Equal Protection

Article 19:  Bylaw Amendment/Arlington Human Rights Commission Executive Director

Article 20:  Bylaw Amendment/Arlington Human Rights Commission Chairpersons

Article 21:  Bylaw Amendment/Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture Membership

Article 24:  Bylaw Amendment/Camping on Public Property

Article 25:  Bylaw/Demolition by Neglect of Historic Buildings

Article 26:  Vote/E-Mail Accounts for Members of Public Bodies

Article 27:  Vote/Lobbying by Public Officials

Article 28:  Vote/Authorizing Community Choice Aggregation

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Exclusion Not Warranted
Paul Stedman, District Highway Director, MassDOT
Next Scheduled Meeting of BoS March 21, 2016